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Florence Mazzetti (20)
3rd year student University College Roosevelt (UCR)

Why this study?

I grew up in France, and when I was 15 my parents and I moved to England where I finished high-school. I was interested in both music and science, so I started looking for a university that combined both my interests. That is how I found UCR. I started studying music and physics, and then when the engineering department started I could also follow courses there! About halfway through my studies I decided to spend a semester abroad. I had the opportunity to take some acoustics courses in Chicago, which for me was perfect because they combine music, science, and engineering. I discovered that it is exactly what I want to do in the future. So now I have decided that when I graduate UCR I will continue my studies with a master in acoustical engineering, hopefully in Denmark.

What do you like about this study?

It’s not just theory, it’s practice too. For example, in my structures & properties course, we recently tested the strength of different materials using a tensile testing machine. If you keep putting more and more pressure, or pulling harder on a material (like a cotton string), how long before it breaks? When you build things you need to know how much pressure they can handle, especially if you are designing new materials. But also if you want to compare which material is better suited for the product you are building.

What do you like about UCR?

Middelburg is a small but fun city where you can find everything you need, and UCR is the same: small and fun. I made friends very quickly, and I really like that the students organize all the activities for ourselves. For example when I was part of the PUMA society board, I organized a sailing trip on the Veerse Meer, for students who wanted to take part. With this society we tried to connect students to Zeeland, and the other way around.

What is your dream job?

I don’t have one yet. I sing and play the flute and a bit of piano, but I think it’s hard to find a job in music. But I do want to work with music and sound, so I think that working in the field of acoustical engineering would be great. With my degree I can work with architects and construction companies and advise them on the acoustics of concert halls, churches, or any other building where sound is important. Once I am finished with my master in Copenhagen, I would like to go to Canada and see if I like living and working there.

Is acoustics only related to buildings?

No, acoustics is very broad actually. With a background in acoustics you can go into underwater acoustics, or in another field in mechanics. In car design, for example. Not all sounds cars make are natural, many sounds have been designed and added. Cars should not be silent when driving, because then you would not hear them coming. And did you know that the click you hear when closing a door is also added by engineers? The sound works like a confirmation message, then you know the door is safely closed. Pay attention next time you close a car door, and see if you notice. In this field you are really combining psychology (how people work) and engineering (how things work), super interesting!

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